Mosheo Corporation to Join Lighting Education Partnership

New York, NY: The Light and Health Research Center (LHRC) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is pleased to announce that Mosheo Corporation has joined the LHRC’s Lighting Education Partnership. The Partnership is a collaboration among businesses, organizations, government agencies, and other entities interested in promoting meaningful and effective education in lighting.

The mission of the Lighting Education Partnership is to deliver high-quality education that expands the understanding of lighting’s value among end-users, while providing technical information to assist professionals use light more sustainably and thereby provide the greatest benefit to the health of people and the planet.

We are very pleased to be joining the LHRC education partnership program and we appreciate their ongoing contributions and value to the lighting industry.

− Ralph Mosher, Founder and CEO of Mosheo.

Mosheo Corporation is a Global Resource Company for the lighting industry. Mosheo offers both Market Development Services (MDS) and Product Development Services (PDS) to lighting industry partners in North America, Europe and Asia. Mosheo’s programs are custom designed to assist lighting technologists and manufacturers to successfully navigate the lighting market in North America. Mosheo is currently engaged with customers who have developed technologies and products that address both Visible Light Sanitization and Human Centric Lighting. Mosheo’s interest in partnering with the LHRC is to bridge the gaps between the marketplace, the lighting manufacturers and lighting science. The goal of this partnership is to present accurate messaging and effective product recommendations within the disciplines of Human Centric Lighting and Visible Light Sanitization to the lighting market.

The team at Mosheo is extremely enthusiastic to collaborate, and we thank them for their support in helping to spread the word about the importance of lighting.

− Allison Thayer, LHRC Researcher

To learn more about the LHRC’s Lighting Education Partnership, or inquire about becoming a member, contact Dan Frering at [email protected].